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A Method To Produce Aldehydes

Patent Number: SU177871

Inventor(s): D.M. Rudkovskii, A.G. Trifel, V.Yu. Gankin and D.P. Krinkin

Applicant(s): All-Union Research and Development Institute of Petrochemical Processes

Requested Patent: SU177871

Application Number: SU19640886109 19640303

Priority Number(s): SU19640886109 19640303

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Application of 03.03.1964

Priority of ---

Published: 08.01.1966 B.I. No. 2


A method is suggested to produce aldehydes by Oxo synthesis from olefins and synthesis gas in the presence of cobalt carbonyl catalyst at elevated pressure and temperature. In order to simplify the process and to increase the target product yield, the process is carried out in the gas phase. For this purpose, synthesis gas and catalyst are fed into the Oxo reactor at supercritical temperature (i.e., as gases). The catalyst consists of cobalt carbonyls dissolved in alcohol or hydrocarbon solvent. Since the catalyst is fed into the reactor in gaseous or fog form, the reaction components are mixed homogeneously and the Oxo reaction proceeds efficiently (quantitatively). The reaction is carried out at 190-220C and 300 atmospheres.