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An Iron Catalyst

Patent Number: SU170916

Inventor(s): S.S. Lachinov, E.D. Radchenko, V.N. Shishkova, N.A. Dubyaga, D.B. Orechkin, B.F. Zyryanov, A.A. Buimov, V.M. Konduktorov, V.A. Kurkovskii, I.M. Grdzelidze, Ts. Sh. Tabagari, N.G. Sikharulidze, G.Ya. Kebadze and D.V. Mekhradze

Applicant(s): State Research and Design Institute of Nitrogen Industry and Products of Organic Synthesis

Requested Patent: SU170916

Application Number: SU19640911164 19640813

Priority Number(s): SU19640911164 19640813

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Application of 13.07.1964

Priority of ---

Published: 11.05.1965 in B.I No. 10


An iron catalyst is suggested for hydrogenation of the O2, CO and CO2 impurities in hydrogen-containing gases, consisting of iron oxide with alumina and silica additives. To increase the catalyst activity and stability, the components are taken in the following ratio (wt.%): iron oxide 94.5-92.0, alumina 3.0-4.0, silica 1.0-2.0, magnesium oxide or lithium oxide 1.5-2.0. Iron catalyst of the proposed composition allows the decrease of carbon monoxide content in hydrogen-containing gas from 0.3% to residual concentration of 5-10 cm3/m3 at a temperature of 200-280C and gas flow space velocity of 30000 hr-1.