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A Method To Produce Liquid Hydrocarbons

Patent Number: SU159814

Inventor(s): Ya.T. Eidus, K.V. Puzinskii and N.I. Ershov

Applicant(s): Ya.T. Eidus, K.V. Puzinskii and N.I. Ershov

Requested Patent: SU159814

Application Number: SU1954466187 19541127

Priority Number(s): SU1954466187 19541127

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Application of 27.11.1954

Priority of ---

Published: 14.01.1964 in B.I. No. 2


A method is suggested to produce liquid hydrocarbons as claimed in Inventors Certificate No. 75542, differing by that the catalyst is prepared by precipitating cobalt nitrate with an aqueous potash onto furnace (kiln) clay with subsequent reduction in hydrogen flow at a temperature of 450C.