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A Method To Produce Catalyst For The Synthesis Of Solid Paraffin From Carbon Monoxide And Hydrogen

Patent Number: SU149762

Inventor(s): Ya.T. Eidus and T.F. Bulanova

Applicant(s): Ya.T. Eidus and T.F. Bulanova

Requested Patent: SU149762

Application Number: SU1958469479 19580729

Priority Number(s): SU1958469479 19580729

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Application of 29.07.1958

Priority of---

Published: 1962 in B.I. No. 17


The catalyst is prepared by precipitating aqueous nitrates of cobalt, zirconium and magnesium by aqueous soda in the presence of kieselguhr. The catalyst is reduced by hydrogen at 400C. The ratio of the main components the catalyst comprised of is as follows: Co:ZrO2:MgO:kieselguhr =100:6:10:200. The synthesis is carried out at 190C under pressure of 10 atm and space velocity of 100 hr-1. During first 144 hr on stream the main products obtained are liquid hydrocarbons. During later 670 hr of total 813 hr run the catalyst facilitates formation of solid paraffin. During this period, an average yield of solid paraffin is equal to 91.2 g per 1 nm3 of feed gas or 8.84 g per 1 L of catalyst per an hour. After 813 hr on stream the catalyst retains its activity. The paraffin obtained melts at 70-98C.