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A Method To Produce Aldehydes By Oxo Synthesis

Patent Number: SU144165

Inventor(s): V.Yu. Gankin, D.M. Rudkovskii, A.G. Trifel and K.A. Alekseeva

Applicant(s): V.Yu. Gankin, D.M. Rudkovskii, A.G. Trifel and K.A. Alekseeva

Requested Patent: SU144165

Application Number: SU19610725593 19610407

Priority Number(s): SU19610725593 19610407

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Appliaction 07.04.1961


Published: 1962 in B.I. No. 2


A method is suggested to produce oxygenated compounds from carbon monoxide, hydrogen and olefin-containing raw material. The catalyst is the residue obtained after evaporation of oxo synthesis products. To simplify the process and make it operable in continuous mode, the evaporation is carried out at the minimum partial pressure of hydrogen and at increased pressure of carbon monoxide (190 atm) at 170-180C; the obtained residue is used as the catalyst for oxo synthesis. The advantage of the proposed method is that the catalyst of any concentration is obtained without losses for thermal decomposition and volatilization, while the target products are practically free of cobalt.