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A Method To Produce Aldehydes By Oxo Synthesis

Patent Number: SU143788

Inventor(s): D.M. Rudkovskii, A.G. Trifel’ and V.Yu. Gankin

Applicant(s): D.M. Rudkovskii, A.G. Trifel’ and V.Yu. Gankin

Requested Patent: SU143788

Application Number: SU19600666571 19600514

Priority Number(s): SU19600666571 19600514

IPC Classification:

EC Classification:


Application of 14.05.1960


Published: 17.11.1966 in B.I. No. 23


A method is suggested to produce aldehydes by Oxo synthesis in the presence of cobalt catalyst. To provide catalyst recycling, the process is carried out in the presence of cobalt naphthenate. After reaction completion the catalyst is kept at 20-70°C and partial carbon monoxide pressure of 0.1-2 atmospheres for 0.5-2 hr for regeneration; then carbon monoxide and aldehydes are removed by known methods; the rest product containing stable slightly soluble cobalt compound is sent to Oxo synthesis stage.