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A Method To Produce Aliphatic Alcohols

Patent Number: SU124908

Inventor(s): A.N. Bashkirov, Yu.B. Kagan, S.M. Loktev and L.I. Zvesdkina

Applicant(s): A.N. Bashkirov, Yu.B. Kagan, S.M. Loktev and L.I. Zvesdkina

Requested Patent: SU124908

Application Number: SU19590622463 19590318

Priority Number(s): SU19590622463 19590318

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Application of 18.03.1959

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Published: in B.I. No.17, 1965


The proposed method to synthesize aliphatic alcohols from carbon monoxide and hydrogen over sintered iron catalysts differs by that the process is carried out at a pressure of 200-300 atmospheres and a temperature of 160-180C in the presence of the said catalysts promoted by alkali salts of inorganic acids, whose anhydrides are hard-to-reduce oxides. The process consists in the recirculation of exhaust gases containing less that 20% of carbon monoxide. Recirculation ratio is kept equal to 15-16. The process is also carried out in the mode of single passage of the gas through the reactor. CO:H2 ranges from 1:15 to 1:5; space velocity - 2000-3000 hr-1. The yield of the liquid products is equal to 140-160 g per 1 cm3 of reacted gas, productivity 30-40 kg of liquid products per 1m3 catalyst per hour.