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A Method To Produce Iron Catalyst For The Synthesis Of Hydrocarbons

Patent Number: SU117534

Inventor(s): I.B. Rappoport and B.P. Vainshtein

Applicant(s): I.B. Rappoport and B.P. Vainshtein

Requested Patent: SU117534

Application Number: SU1947328485 19470220

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Application of 20.02.1947

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Published: 1959 in the Bulletin of the Inventions (B.I) no. 2


A method is suggested to produce iron catalyst for the synthesis of hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen, using silicon and alkali as an activator. Iron catalysts containing copper and manganese are mixed with a product (4-6% by weight) resulting from the reaction of silicon with an excess of potassium hydroxide. The suggested method allows the production of catalysts characterized by a higher hydrocarbon yield. For example, the catalyst of composition 100% Fe + 25% Cu + 4% Mn activated by 5% of the solution of potassium silicate in potassium hydroxide provides the yield of 130-140 cm3/cm3 gas of liquid hydrocarbons at 220-230C.