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A Method To Produce Higher Aldehydes And Alcohols From Unsaturated Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide And Hydrogen

Patent Number: SU114912

Inventor(s): D.M. Rudkovskii, V.K. Pazhitnov and A.G. Trifel

Applicant(s): D.M. Rudkovskii, V.K. Pazhitnov and A.G. Trifel

Requested Patent: SU114912

Application Number: SU1949421972 19491206

Priority Number(s): SU1949421972 19491206

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Application of 06.12.1949

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A method is suggested to produce higher aldehydes and alcohols from unsaturated hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the presence of cobalt carbonyl. A mixture of olefin and steam are passed through an apparatus referred to as "catalyzer". The catalyzer contains a grid with supported cobalt to form cobalt carbonyl. The exit mixture from the catalyzer is passed through a reactor and then through an apparatus referred to as "decatalyzer". In the latter, cobalt carbonyl is reduced by hydrogen at elevated temperature (400°C) and pressure (400 atm) and metallic cobalt adsorbs on a grid. As the metallic cobalt is expended in the catalyzer and accumulated in the decatalyzer, the apparatuses’ functionality is reversed.