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A Method To Prepare An Iron Catalyst For The Synthesis Of Hydrocarbons And Oxygenated Compounds From CO And H2

Patent Number: SU110877

Inventor(s): I.B. Rappoport, A.A. Fal’kovskaya

Applicant(s): I.B. Rappoport, A.A. Fal’kovskaya

Requested Patent: SU110877

Application Number: SU1955455808 19550914

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Application of 14.09.1955

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A method is suggested to prepare an iron catalyst for the synthesis of hydrocarbons and oxygenated compounds from CO and H2, based on mill cinder (roll scale) activated with magnesia and potash. To improve strength characteristics, ferrochromium or reduced chromite is added to the catalyst. Chemical composition of the catalyst is as follows (%):

Feмет 5-15
FeO 50-70
Fe2O3 15-25
MgO 2.3-2.5
Cr2O3 0.8-1.0
K2O 0.5-0.75

Before synthesis, the catalyst is reduced in hydrogen flow (space velocity 3000 hr-1) at 450°C for 24 hr or at 600°C for 6 hr.