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A Method To Synthesize Hydrocarbons From Gases Containing Organic Sulfides

Patent Number: SU106575

Inventor(s): I.B. Rappoport and O.A. Muzovskaya

Applicant(s): I.B. Rappoport and O.A. Muzovskaya

Requested Patent: SU106575

Application Number: SU1956553993 19560614

Priority Number(s): SU1956553993 19560614

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Application of 14.06.1956

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The known processes for hydrocarbon synthesis from sulfide-impure gases in the presence of cobalt, nickel and iron catalysts require thorough cleanup of the gases not only from hydrogen sulfide but from organic sulfides as well. The maximum permissible content of sulfur in the feed stream is equal to 2 mg/m3. The method is suggested, in which an iron-cobalt catalyst with the additives of hard-to-reduce metal (aluminum, zinc, manganese, etc.) oxides is used in order to exclude the necessity for preliminary sulfides’ removal from the feed.