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A Method To Produce Ethane/Ethylene

Patent Number: SU701529

Publication date: 1979-11-30

Inventor(s): Charles Masterson Starks (USA)

Applicant(s): Continental Oil Company (USA)

Requested Patent: SU701529

Application Number: SU19752159066 19750723

Priority Number(s): SU19752159066 19750723

IPC Classification: C07C1/12; C07C9/02; C07C11/02

EC Classification:


Application of 23.07.1975

Priority of ---

Published: 30.11.1979 in B.I. No. 44


This invention relates to combined process to produce ethane and/or ethylene from carbon monoxide and hydrogen at elevated temperature and pressure in the presence of the Fischer-Tropsch catalyst, including the production of reaction mixture containing hydrocarbons. The process is carried out at a temperature of 150-450C, a pressure of 1 to 75 atm and molar ratio of hydrogen to carbon monoxide (1-5):1. To increase the target product yield, the reaction mixture is pyrolized at 799-846C and at hydrogen to hydrocarbons molar ratio ranging from 1:30 to 1:1. Then the target products are separated.