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A Method To Produce Liquid Hydrocarbons

Patent Number: SU58320

Inventor(s): A.D. Petrov and L.I. Antsus

Applicant(s): A.D. Petrov and L.I. Antsus

Requested Patent: SU58320

Application Number: SU1940029207 19400111

Priority Number(s): SU1940029207 19400111

IPC Classification:

EC Classification:


Application of 11.01.1940

Priority of

Published: 30.11.1940


A method is suggested to produce liquid hydrocarbons by catalytic processing of acetylene-hydrogen mixtures resulting from methane cracking at normal or high pressures. The method differs by the use of mixed (composite) catalyst consisting of nickel and zinc chloride. The method allows the production of 1) light polymerizate characterized by a 80% content of gasoline with the boiling endpoint of 160C (even in the process at normal pressure), 2) gasoline differing by a higher unsaturation and, consequently, by a higher antiknock properties (octane number 80 and blending octane number 123)