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A Method To Produce Synthetic Hydrocarbons

Patent Number: SU54392

Inventor(s): K.V. Troitskii

Applicant(s): K.V. Troitskii

Requested Patent: SU54392

Application Number: SU1937042060 19370727

Priority Number(s): SU1937042060 19370727

IPC Classification:

EC Classification:


Application of 27.07.1937

Priority of---

Published: 31.01.1939


A method is suggested to produce synthetic hydrocarbons from gases by the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalyzed by reduced alloy of oxides of Ni, Co, Fe, etc. or by conventional alloy catalysts. The catalysts of both types are leached in the presence of activators. The catalysts are applied prepared as claimed in Authors Certificate No. 42060.