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A Method To Produce Synthetic Hydrocarbons

Patent Number: SU50979

Inventor(s): G. F. Michout-Dupont

Applicant(s): Physical chemistry Research Company, Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Requested Patent: SU50979

Application Number: SU1930071271 19300617

Priority Number(s): SU1930071271 19300617

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Application of 16.06.1930

Priority of---

Published: 31.08.1937


A method is suggested to produce liquid hydrocarbons from gases, produced by dry distillation of solid fuel and mixed with the products of solid fuel gasification containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen, by applying a 80000-10000 V electrostatic field and UV light. The gas mixture heated to a temperature not less than 300C is exposed to simultaneous action of electrostatic field originated between two electrodes and ultra-violet light. The current strength is less than 1 milliampere, the distance between electrodes being 8-10 cm. The directions of UV-beams and gas flow should be countercurrent.

Apart from other processes, the following reactions proceed under the specified conditions:

CO + 3H2 = CH4 + H2O (vap)
2CH4 = C2H2 + 3H2

and, finally, acetylene reacts with hydrogen to produce diverse unsaturated and saturated hydrocarbons, which transform to petroleum-like mixture after condensing.