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Description Of A Method To Produce Paraffin Hydrocarbons Form Carbon Oxides And Hydrogen

Patent Number: SU42890

Inventor(s): Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch


Requested Patent: SU42890

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to the Patent by Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch, Mullhaim, Ruhr, Germany, claimed on May 28, 1926 (Application no. 8577).

Priority of claim 1 of the Patent of July 21, 1925; of claim 2 of November 23, 1925, based on Article 6 of Soviet-German Agreement of the Protection of Industrial Property

Information on the Patent issue was Published: on April 30, 1935

Validity period covers 15 years starting from April 30, 1935


A method is suggested to produce paraffin hydrocarbons from carbon oxides and hydrogen in the presence of catalyst. A mixture of carbon oxides and hydrogen at normal or reduced pressure is passed over nickel, cobalt or iron, or over a mixture of the said metals with other substances, for example, copper, zinc oxide, chromium or carbonate of alkali metals. The process temperature is lower then that needed for methane production. Otherwise, the process is carried out at a temperature of methane synthesis, but the gas flow rates are increased.