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Description Of A Method For Catalytic Reduction Of Carbon Monoxide At Elevated Temperature And Pressure

Patent Number: SU14477

Inventor(s): O. Schmidt, J. Ufer

Applicant(s): I.G. Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt, Germany

Requested Patent: SU14477

Application Number: SU192710760 19270621

Priority Number(s): SU192710760 19270621

IPC Classification:

EC Classification:


Application of 21.06.1927

Priority of 22.02.1927-

Published: 31.03.1930


A method is suggested to produce organic compounds by catalytic reduction of carbon oxides with hydrogen at elevated temperature and moderate or high pressure. During the process of reduction the contact masses (mixtures) are used consisting of iron, nickel or cobalt and cadmium or thallium, their mixtures or compounds. The process modification consists in the adding of copper to the mixture of cadmium or thallium with iron, cobalt, nickel or their compounds.