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A Catalyst For The Conversion Of Gas To Hydrocarbons By The Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

Patent Number: RU2024297

Publication date: 1994-12-15

Inventor(s): Sigred Eli (NO); Tryugve Riis (NO); Dzhordzh Marselin (US); Dzhejms Dzh Gudvin ML (US)

Applicant(s): Norske Stats Oljeselskap (NO)

Requested Patent: RU2024297

Application Number: RU19904831492 19900827

Priority Number(s): CA19902007143 19900104; WO1989NO00136 19891227; US19880290936 19881228

IPC Classification: B01J23/89; C07C1/04

EC Classification:


Application of 28.12.1988

Priority of ---

Published: 15.12.1994


A catalyst is suggested for conversion of gas to hydrocarbons by the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, containing cobalt in catalytically active amount and a metal of platinum group. The metals are supported on a support - γ-alumina. The catalyst is characterized by an X-ray diffraction pattern. The cobalt content is equal to 12-40 wt.%, the content of another metal equals 0.1-1.9 wt.% or 0.25-4.75%. The second metal is selected from the group consisting of platinum, iridium, rhodium or their mixtures. The catalyst X-ray diffraction patterns contain peaks at 2q of 65-70, where q is refraction angle. The catalyst contains also a promoter in the amount of 1% of the catalyst weight, consisting of a mixture of rare-earth metal oxides.