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Three-Phase Fluidized Reaction Apparatus

Patent Number: JP63252540
Publication date: 1988-10-19
Inventor(s): Kaneko Masahito; others: 06
Applicant(s): Res Assoc Petroleum Alternat Dev
Requested Patent: JP63252540
Application Number: JP19870085690 19870409
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J8/22
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To enhance not only gas-liquid contact efficiency by improving the dispersion of supply gas but also economical efficiency by reducing the supply amount of gas, by providing a float pedestal in a bubble cap type dispersing device and inserting a float in said pedestal.

CONSTITUTION: A float 24 is composed of a cone-shaped metal and the center thereof is arranged on the central axis of a float pedestal 5 and, when the float 24 is raised upwardly by the gas-liquid fluid mixture 23 flowing through a dispersing device 20, the fluid mixture 23 is allowed to pass through the narrow gap between the float 24 and the pedestal 25. The fluid mixture after passage is injected from a plurality of the jet nozzles 21 provided to the side surface of the upper part of the dispersing device 20 in the lateral direction and is bent in its flow downwardly by a catalyst shielding cylinder 28 to be again injected from the falling preventing cap 18 and a dispersing plate 4 in the lateral direction. By this method, the float 24 and the float pedestal 25 generate proper pressure drop to act in order to uniformize the dispersion of the gas.