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Conversion Of Synthetic Gas To Aromatic Hydrocarbon
Patent Number: JP63128097
Publication date: 1988-05-31
Inventor(s): Yanagi Masaaki, Kajimoto Hikokusu, Fujita Hiroshi, Suzuki Kazumi, Suzuki Takashi
Applicant(s): Res Assoc Petroleum Alternat Dev (RAPAD)
Requested Patent: JP63128097
Application Number: JP19860273020 19861118
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C10G3/00; B01J29/04
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To produce a hydrocarbon (gasoline) especially having high octane value, by converting a mixed synthetic gas of CO and H2 to dimethyl ether and contacting the ether with a crystalline silicate catalyst at a high temperature to convert the ether to an aromatic hydrocarbon.

CONSTITUTION: A mixed synthetic gas composed of CO and H2 is made to contact with a catalyst consisting of a methanol synthesis catalyst and an acid- type dehydration catalyst at a high temperature of <= 400oC and converted to dimethyl ether. The dimethyl ether is dehydrated and converted to an aromatic hydrocarbon by contacting with a crystalline silicate catalyst expressed by formula (R is univalent or bivalent cation; n is atomic valence of R; M is trivalent transition metal ion or Al ion; a+b+c = 1, a >= 0, b >= 0, c >= 0, a+b > 0; y is >= 12) at a high temperature of <= 500oC.