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Gas-Liquid-Solid Three-Phase Fluidized Contact Reactor
Patent Number: JP63084631
Publication date: 1988-04-15
Inventor(s): Kajimoto Hikokusu, Shinoda Naoharu, Kaneko Masahito, Omoto Setsuo, Kobayashi Kazuto
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd
Requested Patent: JP63084631
Application Number: JP19860228034 19860929
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J8/22
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To form a stabilized uniform gas-liquid-solid three-phase fluidized bed by introducing gas and liquid into a plenum chamber provided in a cylindrical body through dividual feed holes and also feeding gas to a vapor phase part.

CONSTITUTION: Treating liquid 10 is fed to a liquid phase part (b) in a plenum chamber via a feed pipe 7 of circulating liquid. A vapor phase part (c) is formed just under a gas-liquid dispersion plate 8 by fitting a gas-liquid disperser 9 constituting of both single pipes 9b having plural slits (e) to the lower end parts and caps 9a having slits (d) to the gas-liquid dispersion plate 8 and a gas-liquid interface is formed in the plenum chamber. Gas and liquid are uniformly fed to respective disperses 9 by holding the positions of the slits (e) at fixed distance from the dispersion plate 8. Therein in case of feeding gas to the vapor phase part (c) through a gas feed hole 2, the fluctuation of the liquid surface of the liquid phase part (b) is small and also gas and liquid are uniformly fed to the respective gas-liquid dispersers 9. As a result, the formed gas-liquid- solid three-phase fluidized bed (a) is fluidized in a stabilized uniform state