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Production Of Ethylene From Synthesis Gas
Patent Number: JP63033342
Publication date: 1988-02-13
Inventor(s): Arakawa Hironori, Takeuchi Kazuhiko, Matsuzaki Takehiko, Sugi Yoshihiro, Tanaka Kazuaki, Fukushima Takakazu, Saito Toshihiro
Applicant(s): Agency Of Ind Science & Technol
Requested Patent: JP63033342
Application Number: JP19860178145 19860729
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C07C11/04; B01J23/89; C07C1/04
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: A catalyst system which is composed of a combination of a Rh-Ti-Fe- Ir/SiO2 catalyst with an alcohol dehydration catalyst is used to enable one-stage production of ethylene from synthesis gas in high efficiency.

CONSTITUTION: A conjugated catalyst system which is composed of a Rh-Ti-Fe- Ir/SiO2 catalyst and an alcohol dehydration catalyst, preferably zeolite is used to conduct the reaction of a synthesis gas with a H2/CO ratio of 4/1-1/4 at 250-350oC, 1 atm-50 kg/cm2 and a flow rate of 50-800 ml/min whereby ethylene is obtained from synthesis gas through a one-stage process. Both catalysts may mixed or the Rh-Ti-Fe-Ir/SiO2 catalyst may be set in the upper part, while the dehydration catalyst in the lower part. Preferably, the amount of the dehydration catalyst is more than the other.