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Slurry Reactor

Patent Number: JP63006084

Publication date: 1988-01-12

Inventor(s): Maeda Akihiro; Hirai Takeo; Yokoyama Takashi; Kametani Souji; Moriyama Yoshiki; Yasuda Masaru

Applicant(s): Nippon Kokan Kk

Requested Patent: JP63006084

Application Number: JP19860150454 19860626

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C10G1/06

EC Classification:



PURPOSE: To stably operate a slurry treatment system while preventing solid materials from accumulating, by guiding a high-temperature and high-pressure slurry produced in a coal liquefying facility etc. into a slurry reactor of suspension bubble column type, where the slurry is reacted with a counterflowing hydrogen gas and discharging any product from the bottom thereof in a controlled amount.

CONSTITUTION: A high-temp. and high-pressure slurry of coal etc. heated to 350-400oC in a heating furnace in a coal liquefying facility etc. is fed through an upper feed line 12 into a slurry reactor 2b of suspension bubble column type. A hydrogen gas pressurized by the use of an H2 gas compressor is fed through a lower feed line 11 into the reactor. In the reactor 2b, the slurry is uniformly reacted with the hydrogen gas in a counterflow state. The coal slurry obtained as a reaction product is transferred through a bottom discharge line 13 to a next step while controlling the opening of the valve 15 by means of a level controller 16, a flow rate control valve 15, and a control line 17 so as to attain a desirable liquid level height. On the other hand, the hydrogen gas entrained with mist vapor is discharged from an upper discharge line 14. The mist is separated, and the hydrogen gas is recycled for use.