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Conversion Of Carbon Monoxide
Patent Number: JP63005034
Publication date: 1988-01-11
Inventor(s): Saito Masahiro
Applicant(s): Agency Of Ind Science & Technol
Requested Patent: JP63005034
Application Number: JP19860150071 19860626
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C07C1/02; B01J23/78; B01J23/84; B01J23/86; B01J23/88; C07C9/04; C10K3/04
EC Classification:
Equivalents: JP1739994C, JP4046246B


PURPOSE: To produce a gas composed mainly of methane, in high efficiency, by reacting carbon dioxide gas with a gas containing hydrogen and steam in two steps under specific respective conditions using a catalyst containing nickel, alumina and a specific metallic element.

CONSTITUTION: CO is converted to a gas composed mainly of CH4 by reacting with a gas containing H2 and H2O (steam). The reaction is carried out in two steps. In the 1st step, a gaseous mixture of CO, H2 and H2O is passed through a catalyst consisting of (A) 10-50 wt% Ni, (B) 1-10% V, La and/or Mn and (C) 94-40% Al2O3 at 600-700oC under 1-100kg/cm2 pressure at molar ratios (CO:H2:H2O) of 1:(0.5-3):(0.05-1.5). In the 2nd step, the product of the 1st step is passed through a catalyst consisting of 10-50 % component A, 1-20 % component B and 89-30% component C at 250-350oC under the other reaction conditions same as those of the former step. CO can be effectively converted to the objective compound by this process.