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Reducing Catalyst
Patent Number: JP62294442
Publication date: 1987-12-21
Inventor(s): Takegami Yoshinobu, Inui Satoyuki, Nishida Seiji, Ishigaki Yoshiaki, Uba Masanobu
Applicant(s): Yoshinobu Takegami, Inui Satoyuki, Kansai Coke & Chem Co Ltd
Requested Patent: JP62294442
Application Number: JP19870147319 19870613
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J23/89; C10J3/00
EC Classification:
Equivalents: JP1825346C, JP5035018B


PURPOSE: To enhance high-calorie gas converting capacity, by supporting catalyst components which are the combination of manganese oxide and a platinum group metal with iron and/or cobalt by a carrier comprising silica and/or alumina.

CONSTITUTION: Iron and/or cobalt, manganese and a platinum group metal are infiltrated in a carrier made of silica and/or alumina in a nitrate or chloride aqueous soluton form by a spray, scattering or immersing means. Subsequently, drying, ammonia treatment, thermal cracking and hydrogen reducing processes are successively applied to the impregnated carrier to prepare a reducing catalyst. The supporting quantity of iron and/cobalt is pref. 3-15 % by weight of the total catalyst and the atomic ratio of iron and/or cobalt to manganese is preferably 5:1-5:4 and the atomic ratio of iron and/or cobalt to the platinum group metal is preferably 30:1-5:2.