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Dispersing Mechanism Of Three-Phase Fluidized Reactor

Patent Number: JP62007436
Publication date: 1987-01-14
Inventor(s): Makino Shigeo; others: 01
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd
Requested Patent: JP62007436
Application Number: JP19850144580 19850703
Priority Number(s): I
PC Classification: B01J8/22; C10G47/30
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To reduce the supply amount of gas by enhancing the diffusion effect of gas and a liquid, by supporting the valve body support part connected to the stem provided to the valve body of a dispersing device in an up-and-down slidable manner by the stem support arranged in the dispersing cylinder.

CONSTITUTION: The rising stream of a gas-liquid mixed phase fluid 15 passes through the flow passages of stem supports provided in a dispersing cylinder 4 at two places to push up the valve body 8 of a dispersing device. The up-and- down moving distance of the valve body of the dispersing device is determined by a valve body support part 10 and the stem support 11 and can be changed by adjusting the connection part 13 of a valve body stem 8' and the valve body support part 10. The fluid 15 is dispersed into a fluidized catalyst bed 2 from the gap formed to a seal part 12 but gas and a liquid flowed out from the seal part 12 is further finely divided by the triangular slit engraved to the outer periphery of the valve body 8 of the dispersing device and dispersing effect is enhanced