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Dispersing Device For Three Phase Fluidized Bed Reactor

Patent Number: JP61287439
Publication date: 1986-12-17
Inventor(s): Makino Shigeo; others: 01
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd
Requested Patent: JP61287439
Application Number: JP19850127975 19850614
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J8/24; C10G49/16
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To improve dispersing performance and reactivity of a fluidized bed reactor by installing a dispersing cylinder for passing gas/liquid mixed phase stream penetratedly through an attaching plate of a main body, providing also a valve seat to the top of the dispersing cylinder and a flexible valve body on the valve seat.

CONSTITUTION: A valve body 13 on a valve seat 12 is pushed up by the pressure of gas/liquid mixed phase stream passing through a dispersing cylinder 11 to generate a space between the valve seat 12. The gas/liquid mixed phase stream becomes ejecting stream in the space and is ejected in the horizontal direction from the whole periphery of the space atomizing the gas; thus contact surface area of the liquid with the gas is increased remarkably, and efficiency for feeding the gas/liquid mixed phase to the fluidized bed and reaction efficiency of the gas/liquid mixed phase in the fluidized bed are improved remarkably. Furthermore, when the flow of the gas/liquid mixed phase stream is shielded, the space is eliminated at the same time to establish complete sealing of the system. Accordingly, intrusion of solid into the gas/liquid system is inhibited completely. Therefore, the consumption of gas is saved and performance and reliability of operation are improved remarkably.