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Dispersing Device For Three Phase Fluidized Bed Reactor

Patent Number: JP61287437
Publication date: 1986-12-17
Inventor(s): Makino Shigeo; others: 01
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd
Requested Patent: JP61287437
Application Number: JP19850127973 19850614
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J8/24; C10G49/16
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To improve operation performance and reliability by disposing plural ejection orifices ejecting gas/liquid mixed phase stream toward horizontal direction to the top of a dispersing cylinder, and disposing also flexible plates for letting the ejection nozzles open downward to the ejection nozzles of the ejection orifices.

CONSTITUTION: Plural ejection orifices 12 for ejecting gas/liquid mixed phase stream in the horizontal direction are disposed to the top of a dispersing cylinder 11 for passing gas/liquid mixed stream (b, c) installed to penetrate through an attaching plate 2 at the bottom of a main body. Further, flexible dispering plates 14a are attached to the ejection nozzles 12a of the ejection orifices 12 to cover the orifices. Gas/liquid mixed phase stream (b, c) is ejected from each ejecting orifice 12, collides the dispersing plates 14a and is deflected downwards. Thus, the gas is atomized remarkably enlarging contact surface area between the gas and the liquid. Simultaneously, dispersing effect into solid is also enhanced, and dispersing performance and reaction performance of a fluidized bed reactor is improved remarkably.