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Gas-Liquid Dispersing Device Of Three-Phase Fluidized Reaction Apparatus
Patent Number: JP61259748
Publication date: 1986-11-18
Inventor(s): Makino Shigeo, Shimada Takafumi
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd
Requested Patent: JP61259748
Application Number: JP19850101592 19850515
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J8/44
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To prevent catalyst particles from invading a dispersing cylinder, by providing communication holes to the periphery of the almost central part of the upper part of a cap and providing a valve movable up and down between the upper end surface of the dispersing cylinder and the lower surface of the cap through a slide pin.

CONSTITUTION: When a fluid 15 flows in a dispersing cylinder 4 from a gas- liquid mixing bed 5, a valve body 8 is pushed up by the pressure of a fluid and the fluid 15 flows in a cap 9 from the gap between the valve seat 2 and valve body 8 of the dispersing cylinder and further flowed to a fluidized catalyst bed 2 from the lower part of the cap 9. Because the valve body 8 and the cap 9 form a contact seal at the inflow time of the fluid 15, the falling and mixing of catalyst particles from the upper part of the cap is prevented. When the flow of the fluid 15 is stopped, the value body 8 is pushed down by the static pressure of the catalyst bed 2 through the passing holes 10 of the cap 9 to be contact with the valve seat 12 under pressure and, therefore, the catalyst bed is blocked from the gas-liquid mixing bed 5 to prevent the catalyst particles from flowing in the dispersing cylinder 4.