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Generation Of Hydrogen Containing Gas

Patent Number: JP61232203

Publication date: 1986-10-16

Inventor(s): Makihara Hiroshi; Suzumura Hiroshi; Niwa Kensuke

Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd

Requested Patent: JP61232203

Application Number: JP19850073458 19850409

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C01B3/38; C01B3/32

EC Classification:

Equivalents: JP1921188C, JP6047444B


PURPOSE: To obtain easily the titled gas by a compact device in an improved reaction ratio, by heating reaction tubes with a high-temperature gas evolved in a flow combustion zone and reacting a mixed gas consisting of hydrocarbons, etc., flowing the specific reaction tubes in the presence of a catalyst.

CONSTITUTION: The fuel 14 is fed from the lowest part of the furnace 5 to the burner 18, the air or the O2-containing gas 15 is sent through the dispersion plate 8 to the fluidized bed 9 comprising heat-resistance solid particles as the heating medium 7 to burn the high-temperature gas 10. The outer surface of a great number of the double reaction tubes 4 wherein the grid materials 6 having improved radiation characteristics are set apart are heated with the high-temperature gas, also heated by radiation from the heated grids 6, the mixed gas 16 consisting of hydrocarbons or alcohols, and, if necessary, steam, which is fed from the upper part of a ring-shaped space part which consists of the outer and inner pipes of the reaction tubes 4 and packed with a catalyst, is dropped while being reacting it, the gas is returned at the bottom of the reaction tubes, subjected to heat exchange with itself in the inner pipes, raised and taken out as the H2-containing gas 17. On the other hand, the high- pressure steam 19 is evolved in the heat recovery boiler 12 at the top of the furnace 5 with the high-temperature gas 10 having heated the reaction tubes 4.