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Production Of Hydrogenation-Treated Pitch
Patent Number: JP61162585
Publication date: 1986-07-23
Inventor(s): Hirose Shiro, Tsubota Hidekazu, Kaneshiro Tsuneo, Nakai Susumu
Applicant(s): Kawasaki Steel Corp
Requested Patent: JP61162585
Application Number: JP19850002879 19850111
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C10C3/04; D01F9/14
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To obtain the titled pitch suitable for carbonaceous ceramics, etc. without supplying expensive hydrogen-donating solvent from the outside of the system, by gas-liquid separation of a mixture of solvent ad hydrogenated pitch after heat treatment followed by hydrogenation of the solvent to retain its hydrogen-donating ability.

CONSTITUTION: Feedstock pitch 1 and hydrogen-donating solvent 2 are fed to mixing tank 3, the resultant pitch-solvent mixture being conveyed to heating furnace 7 in a pressurized state. Before the introduction into this furnace 7, hydrogen 5 for use in reaction is incorporated in said mixture. The resulting mixture is heated in the furnace 7 followed by feeding to pitch hydrogenation column 8 to perform hydrogenation. The resultant reaction mixture comprising hydrogenated pitch, the solvent and a gas such as hydrogen is then introduced into high-pressure gas-liquid separator 9 to carry out gas-liquid separation. A gas phase from the top of the separator 9 is fed to solvent hydrogenation column 11 along with incorporation of hydrogen 6 for use in reaction to convert the solvent into a modified one with enhanced hydrogenation-donating ability. Gaseous phase 16 separated in the separator 9 is fed to low-pressure gas-liquid separator 17 and the objective hydrogenation-treated pitch being taken out through the bottom whereas solvent 18 being separated through the top.