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Purification And Separation Of Product Gas By Coal Gasification

Patent Number: JP61136423

Publication date: 1986-06-24

Inventor(s): Taketomo Eiji; Sato Takero; Kitaguchi Hisatsugu

Applicant(s): Nippon Steel Corp

Requested Patent: JP61136423

Application Number: JP19840257094 19841205

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: B01D53/22; C10K3/02

EC Classification:



PURPOSE: To easily ajust a manufacturing amount ratio in three uses of hydrogen gas, public gas and chemical stock gas, by adjusting the high temperature CO conversion ratio of product gas by coal gasification and the operational condition of a gas separation membrane.

CONSTITUTION: The gas formed by the gassification of coal is reacted with steam to convert a part of CO containing therein to H2 and CO and transmitted gas based on H2 is obtained by a gas separation membrane. The non-transmitted gas is treated by the gas separation membrane to obtain transmitted gas based on H2 while CO contained in said non-transmitted gas is converted to methane to obtain public gaseous fuel. This non-transmitted gas is supplied as chemical stock gas. By adjusting the CO conversion ratio in a high CO conversion process corresponding to the necessary concn. ratio of CO/H2, efficient operation can be performed.