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Catalyst for Hydrocarbon Synthesis

Patent Number: US4801620

Publication date: 1986-01-31

Inventor(s): Kondoh Shiroh; Muraki Hideaki; Fujitani Yoshiyasu

Applicant(s): Toyoda Chuo Kenkyusho KK (Toyota Central Res & Dev Lab Inc)

Requested Patent: JP61111140

Application Number: US19860912216 19860926

Priority Number(s): JP19840234697 19841106

IPC Classification:

EC Classification: C07C1/04D2B, B01J23/83

Equivalents: JP1802115C, JP5010133B


A catalyst for synthesizing hydrocarbons such as butane etc. by hydrogenation of carbon monoxide, which comprises cobalt and cerium oxide as catalytic components supported on a conventional porous material, or cobalt as a catalytic component and cerium oxide as a support thereof. This catalyst can produce C1 or more hydrocarbons and especially C5 or more hydrocarbons in good yields.