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Production Of Hydrocarbon Mainly Composed Of Lower Saturated Aliphatic From Synthesis Gas
Patent Number: JP61023688
Publication date: 1986-02-01
Inventor(s): Tominaga Hiroo, Fujimoto Kaoru, Miyake Yoshizo
Applicant(s): Tominaga Hiroo, Iwatani & Co
Requested Patent: JP61023688
Application Number: JP19840145787 19840712
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C10G3/00; B01J29/06; C07C1/04
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To produce a hydrocarbon mixture rich in lower paraffins in a good yield with one-stage reaction, by using zeolite having a specified pore size as a methanol conversion catalyst in the titled method using a catalyst mixture of a methanol synthesis catalyst and a methanol conversion catalyst.

CONSTITUTION: A synthesis gas is catalytically treated by using a catalyst mixture (or pellet) obtd. by physically mixing a methanol synthesis catalyst (A) (e.g. CuO-ZnO-Al2O3 catalyst or Pd-SiO2 catalyst) with a methanol conversion catalyst (B) composed of zeolite having an average pore size of 10 Angstrom or above [e.g. Y type zeolite (which has been subjected to an aluminum removal treatment or steam treatment)]. Preferably the treatment is carried out under such conditions that the temp. is 250-450oC, the pressure is 5-100 kg/cm2 and the H2/CO ratio of the raw synthesis gas is 4-1.