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Production Of Hydrocarbon

Patent Number: JP60221488

Publication date: 1985-11-06

Inventor(s): Shiraki Susumu; Ninomiya Keiji

Applicant(s): Shinnenriyouyu Kaihatsu Gijutsu Kenkiyuu Kumiai (Res Assoc Petroleum Alternat Dev (RAPAD))

Requested Patent: JP60221488

Application Number: JP19840076599 19840418

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C10G3/00; B01J29/06; C07C1/04

EC Classification:

Equivalents: AU4133885, AU578944, CA1250315


PURPOSE: To produce hydrocarbons continuously in a slurry bed, by bringing a synthesis gas into contact with a catalyst bed consisting of a crystalline aluminosilicate and active metal or metal compound, etc.

CONSTITUTION: A synthesis gas is brought into contact with a slurry bed prepared by mixing (A) a catalyst obtained by incorporating (i) a crystalline aluminosilicate (preferred example; ZSM-5 zeolite) with (ii) an active metal, e.g. Fe, Cu, Ni or Co, or metal compound, e.g. Fe2O3-K2O-Al2O3, at 95:5-10:90 weight ratio with (B) a slurry-forming liquid (preferred examples; aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy petroleum based hydrocarbons or various silicone oils) at 5:95-40:60, preferably 10:90-20:80 weight ratio to produce the aimed hydrocarbons. The contact reaction conditions are 280-350oC temperature, 1-60 kg/cm2 pressure and 0.1-5 molar ratio (H2/CO) in the synthesis gas.