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Catalyst Containing Iron-Titanium-Manganese/Or Vanadium-Containing Amorphous Silicate As Active Component

Patent Number: JP60183035

Publication date: 1985-09-18

Inventor(s): Sano Youji; Okabe Kiyomi; Hagiwara Hiroyuki; Yasumoto Yoshiro; Yanagisawa Hiroshi; Takatani Haruo

Applicant(s): Kogyo Gijutsuin (Agency Of Ind Science & Technol)

Requested Patent: JP60183035

Application Number: JP19840039057 19840229

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: B01J21/16

EC Classification:

Equivalents: JP1699867C, JP4009731B


PURPOSE: To attain to enhance catalytic activity, by containing iron-titanium- manganese/or vanadium-containing amorphous silicate as an active component.

CONSTITUTION: As the composition of a stock material reaction mixture, on the basis of a mol ratio, Si/Fe is set to 2 or more, Ti/Fe to 0.01-3, Mn/Fe to 0.01-3, H2O/SiO2 to 30-70, R4N+/SiO2 (wherein R4H+ is the amount of the tetralkylammonium ion in the mixture) to 0.08-0.16 and OH-/SiO2 (wherein OH- is the amount of the hydroxyl group in the mixture) to 0.07-3 and this aqueous gel mixture is heated and stirred at a reaction temp. of 0-100oC for 0.1-200 hr to perform hydrothermal synthesis. This amorphous silicate is used as the reaction catalyst of Fischer-Tropsh synthesis.