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Three-Phase Fluidized Reactor
Patent Number: JP60153937
Publication date: 1985-08-13
Inventor(s): Makino Shigeo, Fujita Haruyoshi
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Jukogyo KK (Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd)
Requested Patent: JP60153937
Application Number: JP19840009489 19840124
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J8/18
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To enhance reaction efficiency, in a catalytic reactor for performing hydrodesulfurization or hydro-cracking reaction, by providing a liquid supply pipe to the central lower part of said reactor and further providing a gas dispersing pipe having plural gas jet orifices provided thereto at proper intervals.

CONSTITUTION: A gas supply pipe 1 is inserted into the liquid supply pipe 2 provided to the central lower part of a reactor 4 so as to form a double pipe along with said supply pipe 2 and gas jet orifices 27 are provided to said supply pipe 1 at several places. Gas is supplied through the gas supply pipe 1 and a liquid is supplied from the liquid supply pipe 2 so as to be flowed into a fluidized bed from the lower part of the reactor 4. Gas is injected from respective jet orifices 7 provided to said gas supply pipe 1 to form a fluidized state. The gas and liquid reacted in the reactor are flowed out of the reactor from a withdrawal pipe 5.