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Liquid Level Detecting Apparatus In Three-Phase Fluidized Reaction Apparatus Such As Boiling Bed Reactor
Patent Number: JP60147231
Publication date: 1985-08-03
Inventor(s): Kaneko Masahito, Horizoe Hirotoshi, Shimada Takafumi, Kajimoto Hikokusu
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Jukogyo KK (Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd)
Requested Patent: JP60147231
Application Number: JP19840001364 19840110
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J8/18
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To make it possible to directly know the liquid level in a reaction apparatus, by connecting the gaseous layer part in the reaction apparatus and the gaseous layer part of a liquid sump tank through a gas pressure leveling pipe and forming a nozzle and the upper half part of the liquid sump tank into a jacket structure.

CONSTITUTION: In a three-phase fluidized reactor 1, the crude oil and hydrogen gas supplied from a nozzle 8 and a large amount of the liquid recirculated from a recirculation pump 3 through a nozzle 2 are formed into a rising stream from a fluidizing plate 11 for efficiently performing the fluidization of catalyst and the dense catalyst bed 12 is freely fluidized while the flow amount of the recirculation pump 3 is determined so that the catalyst constitutes a catalyst interface 6. The liquid supplied to the recirculation pump 3 is efficiently separated from the gas and the catalyst by a catalyst/gas phase separator 5 and recirculated to the recirculation pump 3 through a nozzle 4. In this case, the gas is exhausted out of the system through a nozzle 9 and the reaction product oil is withdrawn in a definite amount through a nozzle 10.