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Three-Phase Fluidized Reaction Apparatus
Patent Number: JP60147228
Publication date: 1985-08-03
Inventor(s): Shimada Takafumi, Kondo Masami, Kaneko Masahito, Kajimoto Hikokusu
pplicant(s): Mitsubishi Jukogyo KK (Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd)
Requested Patent: JP60147228
Application Number: JP19840002688 19840112
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J8/02
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To prevent the damage of catalyst particles, by discharging a reaction liquid out of a reactor by providing a large number of barrier plates in a staggered state so as to cross the flowing direction of the flowline of a suction part substantially at right angles.

CONSTITUTION: A liquid rises to the upward direction through a reactor main body 1 and is followed by catalyst particles or gas issued out of the upper surface 3 of an expanded catalyst bed. The liquid is withdrawn by a suction pipe 11 but passes between an upper lid 15 and a lower lid 16 on the way of withdrawal. At this time, catalyst particles and gas following the liquid are impinged to barrier plates 17 or inhibited from straight advance and the gas is floated to rise along the upper lid 15 and separated while catalyst particles are precipitated and fallen along the lower lid 16 to be separated.