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Production Of Synthesis Gas
Patent Number: JP60137803
Publication date: 1985-07-22
Inventor(s): Shindou Katsuo, Kikuchi Kazuo, Itou Kishiya
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Yuka KK (Mitsubishi Petrochem Co Ltd)
Requested Patent: JP60137803
Application Number: JP19830248931 19831226
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C01B3/36
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: An appropriate amount of ammonia is added to the furnace or after the furnace process in which liquid hydrocarbon is partially oxidized in the presence of molecular oxygen and steam to produce synthesis gas without erosion of the installation.

CONSTITUTION: In the production of synthesis gas where liquid hydrocarbon such as naphtha-cracked oil is partially oxidized in the presence of molecular oxygen such as air or oxygen gas and steam in a furnace such as a shell furnace, 0.6-3 kg, per 1t of the hydrocarbon, of ammonia is introduced into the furnace or the scrubber thereafter, whereby the pH of water-slurry in the gas scrubbing is kept higher than 7, preferably 8 or higher to prevent the installation from being eroded.