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Production Of Hydrocarbon

Patent Number: JP60086020

Publication date: 1985-05-15

Inventor(s): Takatsu Kouzou; Sugimoto Michio; Morimoto Osayuki

Applicant(s): Shinnenriyouyu Kaihatsu Gijutsu Kenkiyuu Kumiai (Res Assoc Petroleum Alternat Dev (RAPAD))

Requested Patent: JP60086020

Application Number: JP19830190977 19831014

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C01B33/28; B01J29/28; C07C1/04

EC Classification:



PURPOSE: To produce hydrocarbons from synthetic gas in high efficiency, by using a catalyst consisting of an aluminosilicate obtained by reacting an aqueous mixture containing a silica source, alumina source, alkali (ne earth) metal, pyridine compound, and oxygen-containing organic compound, at a specific temperature.

CONSTITUTION: An aqueous mixture containing a silica source, an alumina source, an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal, a pyridine compound, and an oxygen-containing organic compound such as alcohol, at specific ratios, is made to react at 100-300oC until crystalline aluminosilicate is produced. A crystalline aluminosilicate giving a composition of formula (1) after calcination in air at 550oC and having principal X-ray diffraction pattern shown in the table, can be produced by this process. The liquid hydrocarbon can be synthesized from synthetic gas by using the aluminosilicate as the catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch process.