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Method for Producing Hydrocarbons

Patent Number: US4555526

Publication date: 1985-11-26

Inventor(s): Wakui Tadahiro; Handa Tadahiko

Applicant(s): Daido Oxygen

Requested Patent: JP60023330

Application Number: US19840630560 19840713

Priority Number(s): JP19830130119 19830715

IPC Classification:

EC Classification: C07C1/04D, C07C1/12

Equivalents: CA1232292, DE3479884D, EP0131924, B1, ZA8405294


Contacting a mixture of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide with an intimate mixture of a carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide reducing catalyst such as a Fischer-Tropsch catalyst, and a catalyst carrier comprising a metal oxide having a very narrow pore size distribution in the micropores within the range of between 10 and 100 Angstroms, to produce hydrocarbon mixtures useful in the manufacture of gasoline kerosene and light oil.