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Synthesis Of Hydrocarbon And Equipment For It

Patent Number: JP59176388

Publication date: 1984-10-05

Inventor(s): Takeuchi Yoshiyuki; Namajio Hiroyuki; Yanagi Masaaki; Miyairi Yoshio; Koikeda Minoru

Applicant(s): Shinnenriyouyu Kaihatsu Gijutsu Kenkiyuu Kumiai (Res Assoc Petroleum Alternat Dev (RAPAD))

Requested Patent: JP59176388

Application Number: JP19830050393 19830328

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C10G3/00; C07C1/04; C07C9/02; C07C11/02; C07C15/02

EC Classification:



PURPOSE: To prepare LPG, gasoline, etc. efficiently, by cooling a product from gasoline synthesis reaction process and passing it through a series of specified separation processes.

CONSTITUTION: A raw material gas (mixture of H2 and CO) preheated to about 150-350oC in a heat exchanger E-101 is fed into a gasoline synthesis reactor R-101. The resultant reaction product is cooled to below 100oC in heat exchangers E-101, 102 and sent into a separator V-101. Generated gas is treated in an absorption tower T-101 and a part of it is recylced to the reactor R-101, while the remainder is taken out through a pipe 8 for use as fuel gas. 2 C or higher liquid hydrocarbons are treated in a deethanizer T-201, fractions below 2 C is taken out as fuel gas and other fractions are sent into a debutanizer T-200 to take out 5 C and 6 C fractions as gasoline through a pipe 17 and recycle 7 C or higher fractions to the absorption tower T-101 through a pipe 18.