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Crystalline Iron Silicate And Catalyst Containing It Asactive Component

Patent Number: JP59174519

Publication date: 1984-10-03

Inventor(s): Sano Youji; Okabe Kiyomi; Okado Hideo; Yanagisawa Hiroshi; Takatani Haruo

Applicant(s): Kogyo Gijutsuin; Agency Of Ind Science & Technol

Requested Patent: JP59174519

Application Number: JP19830050023 19830325

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C01B33/28; B01J29/04; C07C1/04; C07C11/02

EC Classification:

Equivalents: JP1868933C, JP6002573B


PURPOSE: To obtain crystalline iron silicate suitable for a catalyst for Fischer- Tropsch synthesis (having excellent controllability of carbon distribution of product and high activity), by using simultaneously a Fe(II) compd. and a Fe(III) compound as an iron-supplying source, and carrying out a hydrothermal synthetic reaction.

CONSTITUTION: A mixture of a Fe(II) compound (e.g. ferrous sulfate) and Fe(III) compound (e.g. ferric sulfate), whose molar ratio [Fe(II)/Fe(III)] is about 0.01-10 is used as an iron-supplying source. And a mixture having a prescribed ratio of a silica source (e.g. silica sol), above-described iron-supplying source, an alkali- metallic ion source (e.g. sodium oxide in water glass) and a reaction auxiliary (tetraalkylammonium bromide) is allowed to react at about 90-200oC and for about 10-200 hr. After a solid substance is separated from an aqueous solution, washed with water and dried, it is calcined under an atmosphere at about 300- 900oC and for about 1-100 hr to obtain crystalline iron silicate.