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Preparation Of Hydrocarbon

Patent Number: JP59140290

Publication date: 1984-08-11

Inventor(s): Shimomura Masahito

Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Jukogyo Kk (Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd)

Requested Patent: JP59140290

Application Number: JP19830013765 19830201

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C10G3/00; C07C1/06

EC Classification:



PURPOSE:To avoid accumulation of carbon on the surface of a catalyst and produce hydrocarbon consistently over a long period of time, by reacting carbon monoxide with hydrocarbon in a partly hydrogenated polycyclic condensed aromatic compound in the presence of a catalyst.

CONSTITUTION:A mixed gas containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen is led into a suspension phase obtained by adding about 5-10% catalyst (e.g. Fe-Cu-ZnO-K2O catalyst, Ru-Al2O3 catalyst or Fischer-Tropsch active ingredient-zeolite compound catalyst) to a partly hydrogenated polycyclic condensed aromatic compound (e.g. tetralin, 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydrofluorene or dihydropyrene) and they are made to interact at about 250-500oC under a pressure of about 10-100 kg/cm2 and at a GHSV of about 250-10,000 hr-1 per volume of catalyst to synthesize hydrocarbon.