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Catalyst For Conversion Reaction Of Carbon Monoxide To Hydrogen And Its Manufacture
Patent Number: JP59109244
Publication date: 1984-06-23
Inventor(s): Inoue Hiroyoshi, Masumoto Takeshi, Komiyama Hiroshi, Yokoyama Akinori, Kimura Hisamichi
Applicant(s): Inoue Hiroyoshi, Masumoto Takeshi, Komiyama Hiroshi
Requested Patent: JP59109244
Application Number: JP19820217018 19821213
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J23/56; B01J23/62; B01J23/64; B01J23/76; B01J23/82; B01J23/84; B01J23/89; B01J27/02; B01J27/22; B01J27/24; B01J37/00; B01J37/14; C07C1/04; C07C27/06; C10K3/02
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To obtain a catalyst having high activity by incorporating alloys of composite oxides, composite carbides or the like consisting of Fe, Ni, Co, Pt, Pd, Ru, Rh, Os, Ir, Th, Sc, Y, La, Se, Pr, Nd or the like.

CONSTITUTION: Alloys incorporating one kind of transition elements which belong to the VIII group such as Fe, Co, Ni, Ru; one kind of elements which belong to the IIIA such as Sc, Y, La, Ce; the IVA group elements such as Ti, Zr, Hf; the VA group elements such as V, Nb, Ta; the IIIB group elements such as Al, Ga; one kind of Si, Ge are allowed to react catalytically with a reactive gas (one kind of gas among O2, CO, NO, NO2, N2O) at 100oC temp. Thus, the reaction gas is dissociated into C, O, N which are combined with the elements of III, IV, V groups to be plural systematic composite oxides, composite carbides, and composite nitrides.