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Apparatus for obtaining a produce gas containing hydrogen and carbon monoxide.
Patent Number: JP59107901
Publication date: 1984-06-13
Inventor(s): Marsch Hans-Dieter Dipl-Ing
Applicant(s): Uhde Gmbh (DE)
Requested Patent: JP59107901
Application Number: EP19830110367 19831018
Priority Number(s): DE19823244252 19821130
IPC Classification: C01B3/38; C01B3/34
EC Classification: C01B3/34, C01B3/38B, B01J8/06B
Equivalents: AU2160483, AU579990, CA1257478, DE3244252, DK162935B, DK162935C, DK546683, JP1758642C, JP4050245B, MX161814, NO163732B, NO163732C, NO834244


1. Device for the generation of a product gas containing hydrogen and carbon oxides from a feedgas consisting substantially of hydrocarbons, particularly natural gas, to which steam is admixed by a) catalytic endothermic reforming of said feedgas to a product gas in catalyst-filled reaction tubes (4) b) partial combustion of the reformed gas from the reaction tubes (4) by means of oxygen and/or oxygen-bearing gas in a reactor (2) divided by a partition plate (21) into two discrete sections, an upper chamber (3) containing a feedgas inlet ; and a lower chamber (24) with free space (6) beyond, the reactor containing catalyst-filled reaction tubes (4) attached to the partition plate (21) by a gas-tight seal and extending from the chamber (3) into said space (6) characterized in that the wall of the lower chamber and/or the floor of the lower chamber are equipped with jet tubes (28) and permeable, porous ceramic plates (29) directed towards the free space for the ducting of additional reaction agents into said space.