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Preparation Of Catalyst For Synthesizing Unsaturated Lower Hydrocarbon From Synthesis Gas
Patent Number: JP59102441
Publication date: 1984-06-13
Inventor(s): Shimomura Kinya, Ogawa Kiyoshi, Okabe Kiyomi, Araki Michiro, Saito Kenji, Yanagisawa Hiroshi
Applicant(s): Kogyo Gijutsuin, Agency Of Ind Science & Technol
Requested Patent: JP59102441
Application Number: JP19820212189 19821203
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J23/78; B01J27/22
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To produce a catalyst for synthesizing an unsatd. lower hydrocarbon from CO and H2 by subjecting powder of an alkaline earth metal compound to deaerated under vacuum then suspending the same in an organic solvent solution of iron carbonyl complex and removing and drying the solvent then molding the same in an inert gaseous atmosphere.

CONSTITUTION: Pulverous powder of oxide, peroxide and carbonate of an alkaline earth metal such as Mg, Ca, Sr, B or the like is heated to 500-600oC under vacuum to remove the moisture and adsorbed gas from the powder thereby preparing a catalyst carrier. The carrier is suspended in an iron carbonyl soln. using an organic solvent such as preliminarily dehydrated n-pentane, n-hexane, tetrahydrofuran or the like. The suspension is heated under a reduced pressure to evaporate the org. solvent and to dry the powder carrier, whereafter the carrier is molded to a spherical, pellet or plate shape in an inert gaseous atmosphere. An excellent catalyst for the reaction of synthesizing an unsaturated lower hydrocarbon from synthesis gas consisting of CO and H2 is obtained.