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Gas Disperser For Coal Liquefaction Tower

Patent Number: JP59096188

Publication date: 1984-06-02

Inventor(s): Takatani Kouji; Takatani Koji; Hayakawa Keiichi

Applicant(s): Sumitomo Kinzoku Kogyo Kk (Sumitomo Metal Ind Ltd)

Requested Patent: JP59096188

Application Number: JP19820205280 19821122

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C10G1/08; B01J8/08

EC Classification:



PURPOSE: To improve the efficiency of gas dispersion and increase the efficiency of coal liquefaction, by using rings having a diamond-shaped crosssection with a specified vertical angle as hydrogen gas dispersers for a coal liquefaction tower.

CONSTITUTION: Rings 3, 3 having a diamond-shaped crosssection with a vertical angle larger than 60 deg. are attached as gas dispersers to form a concentric circle, with a cone 4 being positioned in the center, at a desired height of a reaction tower 2 for hydrogenation and liquefaction of raw material slurry consisting of coal particles, solvent, catalyst particles, etc. at high temperature and under high pressure. The raw material slurry and hydrogen gas are blown into the reactor 2 through a one-orifice nozzle 1 to disperse the hydrogen gas evenly by means of the ring 3 and perform hydrogenation and liquefaction of the raw material slurry. The ring disperser 3 of the above specified shape has a higher gas dispersion efficiency than rings having circular and oval crosssections or a diamond-shape crosssection with a vertical angle smaller than 60 deg..