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Composite Zeolite And Manufacture Of Hydrocarbon Usingit As Catalyst

Patent Number: JP59069421

Publication date: 1984-04-19

Inventor(s): Sano Youji; Okabe Kiyomi; Kamitoku Yasuhiko; Shimazaki Yuji; Takatani Haruo

Applicant(s): Kogyo Gijutsuin; Agency Of Ind Science & Technol

Requested Patent: JP59069421

Application Number: JP19820179259 19821013

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C01B33/28

EC Classification:

Equivalents: JP1627936C, JP3029047B


PURPOSE: To manufacture hydrocarbon having a controlled molecular weight distribution from CO and H2 by using a composite zeolite catalyst obtained by forming zeolite layers around nuclei of iron oxide or hydroxide by a hydrothermal synthesis method.

CONSTITUTION: Iron oxide and/or hydroxide is added to an aqueous mixture having a composition regulated so as to give zeolite crystals, and a hydrothermal synthesis reaction is caused to obtain a composite zeolite catalyst having zeolite layers formed around nuclei of a catalyst for fischer-Tropsch synthesis. When hydrocarbon is manufactured from a gaseous mixture of CO with H2 using the catalyst, the catlyst can be made suitable for use in the synthesis of lower olefin, a gasoline fraction or other arbitrary hydrocarbon by controlling the selectivity of the catalyst in accordance with the skeleton structure and thickness of said zeolite layers.